She weighs 70IBS 32 kg but she lost 5 2 kg IBS since, she has red eyeball situation and her eyes are wet like she is crying: Please tell me sir what I should do to recover him.

dog not eating but drinking water

I have taken her to the vets where he said she had a slight temperature of But he does drink water. She was mated 26 days ago via AI and was treated for kennel cough two to three weeks ago. Thank you and God Bless. My black Labrador Retriever has recently been acting very strange. Now today she has been awake but wont touch the food. I dont know how to console about whats happening to him.

Dogs shouldn't even go a day without drinking water. If your dog won't eat but drinks water, give them a day or two and.

Then she regain small amount of strenght then she suddenly fall and seizure occurs and now its looks like she experience a heart attack and now shes resting and cant move here body even her mouth can you please help me thanks. Don't know how long I need to wait until I take him to the vet. Trying to help my friend nurse her dog back to health. Today is the second day. They didn't find anything. What could this possibly be? The doctor told us he had tested positive for leptospirosis.

dog not eating but drinking water

I dont know how to console about whats happening to him. My Pitbull puppy hasn't ate or even tried to eat for 3 days now. Vomit which smells like faeces may be due to an obstruction in the small intestine or to eating faeces of another animal, most commonly cats, especially if you or a neighbour have a litter box laying around.

Hi, my dog started in Nov. Can someone please help. Rated as Moderate Condition. It takes putting in some chicken and sitting with him for about an hour to try to beg him to eat. He also won't drink water. Hi our dog suddenly lose appetite,doesnt want to eat anyting, and looked so skinny for the past few days.

Has Symptoms was energetic until overnight. Poor Banjo sounds ill! It is a good sign that Luffy is recovering.

10 Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Eat (But Drinking Water)

Coco now had a huge weight loss and seems very inactive. An appetite stimulant such as mirtazapine or cyproheptadine can aid in boosting appetite. My dog has always been very eager to eat and when I would feed her she always ate the whole bowl right away. We think he just might not like the food anymore because he ends up eating it just takes him the whole day. I just fear this is leading to some serious health issues. Supportive Care If the pet has not eaten in a few days, intravenous or subcutaneous fluid therapy will rehydrate the pet and provide electrolytes.

How to Recognize Symptoms of Serious Illness in Dogs

I don't know if that can be a factor. The most common causes include an upset stomach, new food, new environment, pain, injuries, and medical conditions.

She is even throwing up since 2 days and also has hiccups. You need to take him to the vet to get checked

Once you have found Poppy, it would be best to visit an Emergency Veterinarian if your local Veterinarian is closed on Sundays so that you may get a diagnosis and more importantly some pain management for her. If there is no blood in the vomit or stool , then you can wait to for them to expel something from their system. This vomiting could be caused by a GI illness, pancreatitis, a foreign body, or eating something rotten.

dog not eating but drinking water

If your puppy or an older dog is refusing to eat but is drinking water, these signs can indicate a serious problem. In order to prevent further.

We noticed that she seems down and won't eat her food. So, make sure you take your dog to the vet and do some tests to find out the cause. Coco now had a huge weight loss and seems very inactive.

dog not eating but drinking water

You need to start training them to stay alone without getting depressed or seeking revenge by refusing to eat. Not eating much and losing weight. If they continue to not eat for long periods of time, it could be very dangerous for your pet.

Dog Not Eating - Reasons For Loss Of Appetite

Many perfectly healthy dogs eat only 60% to 70% of the amount stated on Your dog may not want to eat because something in its mouth is.

Add a comment to Duke's experience. My Golden Pomeranian, Poppy, age 5 years 1 month, began limping yesterday when standing, walking or sitting, would not let her left forepaw touch the ground. Any advice, we're giving him Pedialyte. Sometimes a dog's loss of appetite is the result of weather changes. If you separate their food, and your dog still refuses to eat, try leaving your dog alone in the room to eat without the other dog bothering them. I hear people always say if you can't afford a pet you shouldn't have one.

How to Determine if a Dog Is Dehydrated

Hi my dog did not eat for two days then he ate and know he is not eating but only drinking water and he is just lying around doesnt even what to do anything he just lays on the bed. Due to the varied possible causes, I would recommend having your Veterinarian check her over to be on the safe side; the vomiting of bile would be due to an empty stomach.

dog not eating but drinking water


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