neighbors dog pooping in my yard

Nothing we have ask him to do has had any effect upon him. Well, with the… City? If you have some big garden at the curb, what do you expect? We would love to put up a fence, but it is not affordable for us. Finally she decided to pick up her dog and then started helling at one of the adults.

So, my neighbor a few houses down has a dog that keeps pooping in my yard. I' m not quite sure what to do or how to handle this situation since I do not know.

To sum it all up: Tanya Your a good person. I got out of my car and that shepard mix dog started barking at me in the dark at the edge of his yard. Acceptance has made my life peaceful again! How was I making a mountain out of a molehill? Has anyone else noticed this?? And believe me, after being married to a truck driver for nearly 25 years, I have heard every swear word out there, and then some!

Dogs will be dogs and they poop. One thing that contributed to it stopping was me staring in disbelief at anyone while their animal was relieving neighbors dog pooping in my yard. Just offering a little input for this type of behavior. He barks all day and all night long! After numerous verbal warnings and letters, she would still not pick up from our yards.

neighbors dog pooping in my yard

Lets switch some words around in your opening paragraph: He does a lot of crutty things, like a crackhead would do, for no reason at all. Yesterday they tore two more holes in the fence, trampled my grandkids pool, attacked my cat in my yard, stole the food dish and acted like they were going to bite me before leaving my yard. They are leaving the dog poop all day long, and occasionally, not always, pick it up in the evenings or the next morning. They are afraid of being attacked. At last I found the effective solution:

When the officer arrived, crazy lady and her friends were on the front porch with her dog. Does that make it o. Chocolate is toxic for dogs — it can kill them! It takes maturity and strength to stay cool when provoked. The whether broke so the kids went out to play.

Nobody can intimidate me anymore! I never said it was ok for people to let their dog go on your lawn, and yea I agree with your whole warranted retribution spiel, but if you have some wide open yard basically inviting dogs to squat, its inevitable.

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When your neighbor lets their dogs poop in your yard... Everyday.

No asking if I was ok or if my cat was hurt. I do not feel we should have to get into some kind of fight with our neighbor, nor to have to cause some scene. What did I get? The question is — Do you?

I just wanted to share with everyone how the situation turned out. I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old who play in our yard — so it is a serious hygiene issue as well pinworms, anyone?

neighbors dog pooping in my yard

And each morning and each night I find that I have to clean up an extra helping of poop because my neighbor lets his dog defecate in my yard.

My lawn is my private property and the offender is trespassing. Watch it hose him while he is trying to light up. My husband comes home from work at night, and has stepped in the poop. This is not the best solution, but we no longer track it into our home. Dorothy please… take a joke honey.

neighbors dog pooping in my yard

It's like binging on 7 seasons of your favorite netflix permaculture show http: Naturally, I think we would all welcome this a bit more if we knew the dog was eating a strictly organic diet. After all, the only thing I asked them to do is watch there dog.

A few solutions are sold in pet stores or online to treat the yard with. Some even recommend using ammonia and water mixed up as a treatment and sprayed or.

I offered here what I found helpful — pulling back from the tit for a tat stuff and seeking some higher help. He ran at me barking, hair standing up and showing teeth. Dorothy… this woman did alot more to me than I care to tell you about. It is not Ex-lax! They tend to stay close to their animal so they will feel love. Owners of these pets believe that you hate their dog or them, for some reason. Have you contacted your landlord?

It never happened again. With any luck her animals will be reprogrammed by then. If you dont have a dog then you could take their dogs crap or yours put on a glove and squeeze around their cars door handles… Surprise! She then told me I was a wife beater, and that i should go home and JO.

neighbors dog pooping in my yard


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