Jan my dog drank beer, Posts: Do dogs metabolize alcohol with their livers like we do? Sep 5, Posts: When my knees began to flutter And I sank down in the gutter And a pig come up and lay down by my side.

my dog drank beer

Fri Nov 07, 7: I can't believe anyone would knowingly give alcohol to their dog, let alone a puppy, for funsies. Sep 12, Posts: It got so bad, they started giving her a few ounces now and then in her drinking bowl, and when they hit the local pub, she'd get a half pint to herself. Pls wake up and do not do this ever again. I usually pour a little bit on the floor and he absolutely loves it. Surely you're not suggesting that any alcohol no matter how small the amount will give a dog alcohol poisoning?

Turns out my wife had left a white Russian on the side table and he drank it. That is when I Originally Answered: My dog drank beer. What should I do?.

A full grown dog, meh, a little now and then no biggie. Half of a g block of baking chocolate is enough to be dangerous to a 10kg dog. Pls wake up and do not do this ever again. May 15, Posts: I've seen lots of dogs drinking beer. I have seen a dog drunk and it is not a nice sight at all to see.

I knew a pig that would wander around looking for people's beers to knock over so he could drink them up. Hide your cup everyone, Frennzy is loose. PETA is gonna hunt my dog drank beer down and kick your ass. He just spent the past 3 minutes drinking every last bit of beer flavored water.

my dog drank beer

I poured about an ounce into his water bowl which was already almost full of water, and I made sure he saw me do it. You should be OK with 2 oz. I usually pour a little bit on the floor and he absolutely loves it. He weighs around 25 pounds. My dog drank a little oil? I wouldnt worry about it.

Sep 6, Posts: Not many, given that they aren't so hot at understanding timelines and indirect consequences.

My dog drank beer,just a little?

The alcohol can kill a dog. Sep 5, Posts: A six-month-old puppy presumably weighs a lot less, so be sure to tone back the ethanol correspondingly. He Should Be Alright, If it IS only a little, it probably wont affect him unless he drank a heap, like chocolate with dogs, to much will kill them.

My Dog Drank Beer

You had to watch out for you cup at parties. Nov 29, Posts: The picture didnt load for me; is it a mini schnowzer? You're not giving them a choice with the pot smoke.

You're not giving them a choice with the pot smoke. You are all in my blog Registered: It's not like he said he likes to cut his dog for "funsies" seriously, who outside of the cast from Scrubs actually uses that term?

Aug 1, Posts: Sep 12, Posts:

my dog drank beer

Let's take a look at dogs and beer, wine and other types of alcohol. . to properly dispose of empty containers when your dogs and puppies are.

From me, or just arsians in general? Its ok for a dog to have some beer is what im told, my dog drank beer absolutely hate liquor He has never changed or gotten angry or drunk. Sep 12, Posts: What do I do?

my dog drank beer

He weighs around 25 pounds. Mar 26, Posts:

When you live in a city boasting more breweries per capita than any other U.S. city, it's not a silly question to ask whether your furry little friend can kick back and .

If a dog wants to drink beer, they'll drink it. Apr 22, Posts: Your funny bone is out of alignment. I tried giving my dog some porter in his water bowl and he wasn't interested, I'll have to see if he's interested in some piss beer instead. Originally posted by SunRaven Edit, response was directed to Sintinel, not SpyderInside. My dog needs surgery but the funds are limited?

Dogs Can Drink This Beer

All the results say are what happens when a dog gets alcohol poisoning, not how much it takes to trigger said poisoning. Reading some articles on Google it sounds like pets react the same way humans do with the added bonus they could die from cardiac arrest. Which pair of shoes to chew up? It may not be a problem since the chocolate is diluted with water:

my dog drank beer


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